7 Ways a Manufacturing CRM Can Transform Your Life and Boost Profit


Published on March 27, 2024 by Hemal Pandya

Manufacturing industries worldwide are leaning towards a technological shift. They are not only advancing but also embracing these changes. 

However, some still find it hard to adapt to new technologies. So, they still fancy the traditional methods.  

One such technological advancement is CRM for manufacturing businesses – a talk of the town and a game-changer in the manufacturing industry.  

Dig into this blog to see how it can revolutionize your manufacturing business. 

What is CRM Software for the Manufacturing Industry? 

A manufacturing CRM is Customer Relationship Management software customized to the explicit needs of manufacturing businesses. It has features and capabilities particularly designed for manufacturing businesses like yours.  

Manufacturing industries can use CRM to improve customer connections by centralizing data and optimizing workflow – ultimately fostering their businesses.  

Moreover, it is –

With CRM’s advanced tools and features, you can stand out from the competition. How? CRM has diverse features, including:

  • Automation of customer interactions  
  • Automation of sales pipeline 
  • Automating tasks and generating reminders 
  • Lead management  
  • Providing comprehensive reports and so much more.  

Why Do Manufacturers Need a CRM? 

Are you still using conventional methods to manage customers, such as spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails? If so, consider switching to a manufacturing CRM.  

According to Statista, the global market for CRM software is projected to reach US$131.90 billion in revenue by 2028, growing at an annual rate of 10.59%. 

To help understand the significance of CRM for manufacturing businesses, consider the following questions. 

  1. Is your sales team stuck with mundane tasks? 
  2. Do you have a comprehensive view of your customer data? 
  3. Is your data being stored in silos, making it difficult to manage? 
  4. Is managing data at a centralized location challenging for you or your team? 
  5. Can you smoothly understand the market trends or gain insights into customer preferences? 
  6. Do different teams of your organization have communication delays and misunderstandings?  
  7. Are you answering customers’ feedback on a timely basis?

Competition is ever growing in the manufacturing landscape and customers’ demands are evolving with time. This is when you should consider investing in CRM.

7 Reasons to Implement CRM for a Manufacturing Business 

The above diagram shows a sales lifecycle that uses automation and Artificial Intelligence of CRM software. It is different from a typical sales lifecycle in many ways.  

For instance, a regular sales lifecycle lacks a defined sales process, while if you use an automated sales cycle, it will automatically streamline the entire sales process.  

Dig in to see the top 7 reasons for using CRM software for manufacturing industries. 

Reason 1: Get a 360-degree Customer Perspective

Say a sales representative calls a lead customer but discovers the marketing team updated him with the wrong number. This could result in losing a prospective customer.  

What chaos it will be! But if you understand your client’s needs, preferences, and history, you won’t have to worry about losing them. 

CRM software delivers a wide overview of your customer data. From customer service representatives to sales executives, anyone can access this information on a centralized platform. 

You are no longer left with scattered customer data or interactions. A centralized database with access to every member of your manufacturing company provides a sync leading to an exceptional customer service experience. 

Reason 2: Stay on Top of Your Sales Pipeline

Using a pen-and-paper approach can lead to the loss of crucial information. In a typical sales cycle, a sales executive maintains customer data on spreadsheets and similar tools.  

But, in this manual process, are you willing to lose even a single customer? Of course not!  

Manufacturing CRM software helps you simplify and streamline the sales process. Features such as drag-and-drop allow you to track your sales life cycle with an audit log. Furthermore, you can establish automated tasks and reminders.  

Thus, you can stay on top of your sales pipeline, keep track of all operations, and deliver desired results.

Reason 3: Forge Deeper Connections with Clients

Customers expect more. Over 60% of consumers, according to a report are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

The customer expects regular communications, new product information, and changes in existing products. Moreover, missing timely responses to potential customers is a big no-no.

A CRM for manufacturing businesses plays a major role in making customers happy. Automated customer interactions, follow-ups at regular intervals, and mobile capabilities of a CRM can be a turning point for your business. 

Forging deeper connections with customers will make them feel valued. A satisfied customer is more likely to stick around, leading to an increase in sales.  

Reason 4: Boost Your Profits by Increasing Your Sales

One unhappy customer lead to many unhappy customers.

Regular sales lifecycles could miss customer feedback. Poor customer service can never help a company survive. This is why CRM software for the manufacturing industry exists.

Using CRM, you can integrate ticketing systems for your customers. The system will effectively help you track, update, and resolve customer problems.

Moreover, you can enable FAQs in Chatbots for faster responses to customer questions or queries.

Once your customer is satisfied with your service and after-sales support, you can rest assured that your profits will skyrocket. An increase in sales is a direct boost in your profit.

Reason 5: Get In-Depth Insights into Your Business

Manufacturing CRM can help you make predictions for your business. With CRM software, you can gain insight into the channels that generate most customer inquiries.

  • As a business owner, you can receive comprehensive reports on your sales teams’ productivity and performance.
  • CRM also allows you to evaluate your popular and revenue-generating products and improve your services.
  • Manufacturers can use this feature to generate sales forecasts and understand customers’ buying patterns.
  • You can also evaluate long-term patterns and work on future planning for your business.
  • This can help you identify causes for customer complaints and feedback, using which you can improve your business.

Reason 6: Improve Your Product Quality 

You must be aware of the phrase, “People buy from people.” A customer would recommend your product or service to almost everyone if the quality is top-notch. 

But how would you know if the customer approved your product? Business rule 101: listen to your customers.  

Customer feedback could be overlooked during a regular sale’s lifecycle. However, with CRM, you can identify, inquire about, and resolve issues in real time.  

CRM features can recognize top-performing products and customer behavior. Data visualization tools can also help you easily understand trends and patterns.  

Thus, you can use manufacturing CRM to improve your product quality by rapidly resolving issues, understanding customer needs and making changes accordingly.  

Reason 7: Manage Customer Visits and Sales Data on Fingertips 

You never know how long a customer will be patient and wait for your response. Customers and time are the building blocks of any business.  

If your sales team spends more time than needed on mundane tasks, your business is at risk of failing. 

CRM provides different solutions, such as tracking sales visits using real-time geo-location data. It also lets you systematize your calendar and send mobile notifications to remind you of forthcoming appointments. 

These are a few of the many benefits of a CRM system. CRM for manufacturing businesses empowers teams and helps them manage customer visits and sales data at their fingertips.  


A customer can switch from one company to another with just a click of a button. But what makes them stick to one – solely depends on how you make your customers happy.  

CRM helps you get a step closer to your customers. Just by investing in a CRM tailored to your manufacturing needs: 

  • You can unlock new efficiencies 
  • Drive revenue growth 
  • Stay ahead of the competition 

So, stop struggling between different tasks and invest in manufacturing CRM software like hafooz. With hafooz around the corner, you can focus on things you love, whether growing your business or simply enjoying life.

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