Comprehensive Contact Management

Say goodbye to scattered contact information and missed opportunities. hafooz provides a centralized hub where you can efficiently manage all your contacts. From capturing lead data to organizing customer details, hafooz offers a comprehensive contact management system. Stay organized, gain insights into your contacts, and ensure no valuable connection slips through the cracks.

Easy Creation of Contact and Lead Forms

hafooz’s web form feature allows you to effortlessly create contact and lead forms for your website or social media platforms. With just a few clicks, you can design and customize forms that capture essential information from your audience.

Seamless Integration on Your Website and Social Media

Embed the hafooz web forms directly onto your website or share them as links on your social media channels. This enables your visitors and followers to easily access and submit their contact details, expressing their interest in your offerings.

Automated Lead Generation

When visitors fill out the web form, hafooz’s automation takes over. It automatically converts the submitted information into leads, populating your CRM with valuable data. This eliminates manual data entry, saves time, and ensures that no lead goes unnoticed.

Grow your business further

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