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hafooz is a cloud Native SAAS solution and it does not require anything to be installed locally on your machine. hafooz leverages one of the top industry cloud providers and provides high availability solution across different clusters across the globe

With hafooz, you get free support right from day one, regardless of the plan you choose. Use Support Center to submit all your questions or feedback.

No we do not ask for any payment information to start for Free

Users can choose to get billed monthly or annually. All charges are billed annually for each user license or add-ons where applicable

Joining offers simple referrals and unlimited rewards.
Refer new users through the hafooz platform and unlock increasing rewards.

  • Referring users to the free plan helps grow our community.
  • Initially, no direct rewards, but at 10 referrals, earn Rs 500.
  • Earn Rs 500 for each subsequent set of 10 referrals (e.g., 20, 30).

  • When referred users join our paid plans, you earn rewards.
  • Receive a one-month fees reward (about 8.33% of annual fees) for each referral.

  • 10 successful referrals are needed to claim rewards.
  • Rewards apply after referred users use hafooz for 90 days.
  • For each additional 10 successful referrals, get Rs 500 more.

  • Get one-month fees (about 8.33% of annual fees) as a reward.
  • This applies when referred users choose annual subscriptions.

As an Affiliate Partner, access training support for your referrals.

  • Accumulate 10 successful referrals to claim Rs 500.
  • Rewards become available after referred users use hafooz for 90 days.
  • For every subsequent set of 10 referrals, receive Rs 500 each.

Although no direct monetary rewards, you contribute to our community’s growth.

  • Gain ongoing rewards through referred users’ paid plans.
  • Receive a one-month fees reward for each successful referral.

Yes, as an Affiliate Partner, you can use training support for your referrals.

When referred users choose an annual subscription, you receive one-month fees as a reward.

– Use the referral option in hafooz to easily refer new users and start earning rewards.

  • Solution Partners gain access to comprehensive onboarding, implementation, and training resources.
  • We equip you with tools and guidance for a seamless user experience for your referrals.

  • Referring users to the free plan expands our user base.
  • While there’s no direct financial reward, your role in introducing our platform to new users is crucial.

  • When your referral signs up for a paid plan, you earn 25% of their paid fees, including renewals.
  • This ongoing commission structure ensures continuous benefits from your referred clients’ subscriptions.

  • Referral rewards apply when your referred users sign up for a paid plan.
  • Free plan sign-ups do not qualify for monetary rewards.

  • Yes, Solution Partners can provide clients a discount of up to 10% of the retail price.
  • This lets you sweeten the deal for prospects, offering them an exclusive incentive.

The hafooz Partner Program is designed for users like you to refer new users and earn fantastic rewards.

  • Easily refer new users through the hafooz platform.
  • You’ll enjoy ongoing benefits for each successful referral.

  • Referring users who sign up for our free plan helps expand our user base.
  • Initially, there are no direct rewards, but once you reach 10 successful referrals:
    • For Company Owners: Get one-month fees credit for one user subscription.
    • For Others: Receive a generous Rs 1000 gift voucher.
  • Receive an additional Rs 1000 gift voucher for every set of 10 referrals thereafter.

  • Referring users to paid plans with an annual subscription is rewarding.
  • For Company Owners: Get one-month fees credit for one user annual subscription.
  • For Others: Receive approximately 8.33% of the paid fees as a gift voucher.
  • The referred user also gets a one-month credit as a token of appreciation.

  • Your referred user must sign up for the free plan or any paid plan and use hafooz continuously.
  • All rewards are applicable after referred users have logged in for at least 90 days.

  • Join our Partner Program to unlock unparalleled growth and rewards.
  • Begin referring users to create prosperous partnerships.

You can utilize training support for your referrals.

  • Rewards apply when referred users sign up and use the platform continuously.
  • Paid plan rewards are provided for users with an annual subscription.
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