Grow your business by streamlining your sales and operations with a CRM designed for the Technology.

Streamline New Inquiry Management and don’t miss any potential opportunity

Automatically capture inquiries originating from your website using Webforms and Conversational AI 
Automatically assign leads to appropriate stage and/or the most qualified salesperson based on customized rules

Customize to your Business specific Sales process

✅ Establish department-specific processes based on products 
✅ Utilize a customizable quotation builder that suits your Business for both prospects and existing clients 

Forge Deeper Connections with Clients to generate repeat business

✅ Engage with clients through various channels, including Client Visits, calls and emails using the CRM
✅ Setup Follow ups at regular interval using Automation within the hafooz CRM
✅ Enable your Sales team with mobile capabilities to manage Customer Visits and Sales data on fingertips

Gain In-Depth Insights into your Business Performance

Make informed decisions backed by data to enhance product quality and optimize your business processes. Harness the power of analytics to streamline operations, cut costs, and boost overall profits. 

Identify the channels that generate the highest number of customer inquiries. 
Receive comprehensive reports on your sales team’s productivity and performance. 
Evaluate your most popular and revenue-generating products. 
Gain insights into the Customer Complaints and improve your products or Services 

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